RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy expansion is live today with a brand-new trailer

Trion Worlds is throwing its hat into the expansion ring this week with today’s launch of RIFT: Starfall Prophecy. The MMO’s third expansion takes players to a new continent besieged by fire and life forces, where they will level up to 70, gain legendary powers, experiment with new gear loadouts, assault fortresses, and take the attack to the planes themselves.

The studio is emphasizing that unlike Nightmare Tide and its several microtransaction unlocks, Starfall Prophecy is a one-price-buys-all expansion. The standard edition is $40 and the deluxe version is $60, with both including a single character boost to level 65.

Executive Producers Chris Junior trumpeted the launch: “Starfall Prophecy has been a labor of love for the entire RIFT team, and we’re excited to see how both new and existing players react to the new territories, battles, and increased level cap.”

Source: Press release

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