Shroud of the Avatar tackles combat and crafting in today’s 36th update


Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 36 lands today, a little bit early because of next week’s major holiday, Black Friday, which is preceded by something called Thanksgiving. The monthly update is focused on story and scene polish for a number of locations, dynamic tools for player-run towns, and preparatory Christmas content. Crafting got a bold pass for recipes, including recipes for items that have been removed from NPC vendors, and combat saw massive revisions.

“We are making a lot of major changes to how the game works this release,” Portalarium explains. “Many of these changes are related to game balance, some are about making the game have a better pacing and reward cycle, while others are about making it so that greater effort and greater specialization will equal greater reward. In Combat, changes like the addition of Resistances aim to encourage players to vary the skills and spells that they use in order to maximize their effectiveness in various situations. In Crafting, changes to Discovery and the addition of Teachability is a first step towards making specialization in crafting more meaningful.”

Meanwhile, work on the Blood Bay PvP area, the Path of Courage, Kobaolds, and guild alliances has been delayed, and the outlander guild has been cancelled outright.

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