ARK: Survival Evolved trots out turkey trial, several new prehistoric beasts


Do you want to see some fantastic beasts? Well, we know where to find them: ARK: Survival Evolved.

This week’s Thanksgiving update added four new prehistoric creatures to the game, including the giant snail Achatina, the nighttime predator Megalosaurus, the protective Pachyrhinosaurus, and the ravenous Moschops. The team also revamped the opening cave visuals, increased server performance by 20%, and allowed for the transfer of characters between the base game and expansion. As if there isn’t enough to do with all of that, the Turkey Trial event returned with its mutant super-turkeys.

If you don’t have ARK: Survival Evolved yet, you might want to take advantage of the ongoing Steam sale to get it for half off. Its Scorched Earth expansion is 25% off during the sale as well.

Source: Steam

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