Star Citizen begins testing 2.6 alpha, aims to release it on December 16


In this week’s episode of Star Citizen Around the Verse, Sandi Gardiner is joined by Technical Director Sean Tracy to issue the latest big announcement for the game: The 2.6 alpha is currently in testing by the hardcore testers under layers of NDA. Meanwhile, the duo checks in with the UK studio, whose members go on at considerable length about asteroid tech. There’s also a behind-the-scenes on the music and audio for the game (it starts at 13:50, since you kinda need to hear it!) as well as flight balancing.

CIG has been making good on its promise to reveal more about the internal schedule of the game’s development, as boring and frustrating as it may sometimes be. And that new schedule has today¬†revealed that 2.6 is anticipated to land on the PTU for broader testing in just a few more weeks, with the aim to release the update on December 16th.

Check out the whole episode below.



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