Black Desert Online’s Dark Knight is coming soon in Korea

Out of respect for you, ma'am, I'm not showing off your ''outfit.''

Players of Black Desert Online‘s Korean version will get to start enjoying the Dark Knight on December 15th, but those of us over here in the states will have to wait a bit longer. (Perhaps in the intervening time she’ll be able to find the missing half of her armor.) But you can still check out an array of new screenshots below (with a tip of the hat to Steparu), so if you’ve been waiting on this exact sort of class being added to the game you can see what you’re working with.

Looking for something more substantial? The class story has also been translated, so you can see exactly what the deal is with this particular brand of knight and the surrounding darkness thereof. Check out the class reveal trailer just below, and keep your ears open for more information about the mechanics as it goes live.

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