New MMORPG Ashes of Creation demos environments in new video


The Ashes of Creation team has released a new video to cap off the week, this first one literally a first look at the Unreal Engine-based MMORPG’s enviroments — five of them at least by our count.

We spoke to Intrepid Studios Lead Designer Jeffrey Bard following the early reveal of the game this week. The team is made up of a number of former SOE and Daybreak MMORPG veterans, having been founded in 2015 to begin production of the game in 2016. “It’s definitely, 100% an MMORPG,” he told us. “We think that a massively multiplayer RPG should be MASSIVE.” The game is predicated on a “self-sustaining cycle of player activity” that’s “sandboxy in nature” with “a lot of curated PvE content.” Ideally, the team is hoping to have a playable alpha out next year, with a final launch at least a few years out, and yes, there will be a Kickstarter, but it will be a sub-based title.

There’s also a fresh FAQ up that addresses a few questions about races (eight of ’em), non-faction design, archetypes (eight of those too, but also more — you’ll see), the node system, the housing and farming systems, PvP, PvE, graphics, and how you can make money off the game. Here’s the PvP bit:

“PvP in Ashes of Creation is intended to be both organized and organic. We want to create an atmosphere where PvP is meaningful by utilizing different systems that create fluid PvP events including: Castle Sieges, City defense/assaults, Caravans, and a scenario-based Arena combat. For our open world, we have designed a flagging system that severely deters people from griefing other players. Much more will be explained in great detail, in our upcoming developer blogs.”

Check out the video and our pulled screenies below!

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