RIFT launches fortress sieges and looking for raid tool

Why Is Trion Like This, Just Kidding, We Actually Know
RIFT is stepping up its game — its raid game, that is.

Yesterday, Trion Worlds released a “hotfix” that in actuality contained two major pieces of content to flesh out the Starfall Prophecy expansion. The first is the long-promised fortress siege system, with the debut siege being Cracking Xarth’s Skull. Players can participate in any formation from solo to raid to assault a fortress and open it up into a full-blown raid. Fortress sieges will take place every four hours.

To assist in the raid portion of the fortress siege as well as other large-scale group content, RIFT has also launched its looking for raid feature: “LFR ties in with our new individual loot system, so that you no longer have to compete with others for coveted drops for your build. This game feature, at its core, is a priority-based queue system based on raid karma.”

What is raid karma? It’s a value that gives raid queue priority to players who participate in more raids and receive more upvotes from fellow raiders. The new LFR tool also monitors roles for each raid boss, demanding that a raid contain a certain composition before proceeding.

As of this morning, Trion had temporarily disabled fortress sieges due to “issues caused by an unprecedented number of Ascended attempting it at once.”

Source: Patch notes

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