Black Desert considers second Awakenings, console port; releases Dark Knight trailer

Get woke.

What does the future hold for Black Desert? The present holds the game releasing in Taiwan, but the future is a bit more up in the air. Still, there are hints to be found in an interview that took place during the aforementioned Taiwan release, or you can read a translated and summarized version from Dulfy if you’d rather not futz about with Google Translate.

The team is looking into adding second Awakenings for classes, with the caveat that these new Awakenings will use the original class weapons simply because the current Awakenings easily overpower them. There are also plans to port the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although there are no firm announcements to be made there and the developers haven’t decided if the title will share servers across platforms. Revamps are planned for some of the game’s life skills, like Fishing, and the developers haven’t yet started any new games due to a desire to get Black Desert into an optimal state first. It’s a short summary, but it contains lots of interesting information for fans of the title.

Meanwhile, today the studio’s released a new trailer for the Dark Knight!

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