Shroud of the Avatar tinkers with new areas and PvP zones


With Release 38 now behind them, the Shroud of the Avatar devs have turned their attention to 39 and 40. Portalarium’s latest newsletter covers several zones being revamped in the coming updates, including mining-town-themed Upper Fortus and the obsidian-tech-obsessed Rhun Ruins, both edging away from the game’s more stock fantasy tropes.

The studio also has plans for the dungeon K’rul that might affect PvPers with their eye on Blood Bay. “K’rul was originally planned to be an Open PVP zone, but with the upcoming dungeon called The Fall, Blood Bay, the Shardfalls (plus all the Ruins maps), we felt we had a good enough PVP scene balance for now,” writes the team. “This means that K’rul is now going to be a PVE scene even though it is located in Blood Bay. Rumor has it there is a secret tunnel connecting it to Skrekk.”

Check out the new zone screenshots plus video of the crafting hub and Rhun Ruins below.

Source: Newsletter
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