Pantheon attempts to woo the Kickstarter community with its progress


It’s no secret that Pantheon and Kickstarter haven’t had the best of relationships, what with the game’s crowdfunding campaign failing to fund┬áback in the day. But Brad McQuaid is willing to let bygones be bygones and has extended an olive branch to the Kickstarter community this week with an update on Pantheon’s progress.

McQuaid regaled readers with everything that has been done on the game so far, stating in no uncertain terms that something special is being made here. He said that his team of 15 developers has created a “true virtual world” that has been enjoyed by over 100,000 players so far. Finances were also touched upon, with reassurance that fan donations and seed investment have helped to fund the game’s development.

“As we head into pre-alpha testing later this year, followed by alpha and then beta, the community and what they like and are looking for will become more and more involved and have more and more influence on the game’s development process,” he wrote. “While many MMOs are played for weeks, maybe a month, Pantheon is being designed as a virtual home, a sticky game with content crafted to entertain you for months and years!”

Source: Kickstarter
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