Destiny 2 may not launch simultaneously on PC and consoles

I'm seeing... actually, this sums it up.
Properly excited about Destiny 2’s announcements yesterday? We don’t blame you. But there are a few points you might wish to consider. For example, keep in mind that you may not be getting the game on day one; a release date is officially not set in stone for the PC version, and it may be a bit later than the console version. This is partly due to the fact that Bungie is well aware PC players will want things like field-of-view options, text chat, uncapped framerates, and so forth.

There’s also no word at this point on whether or not players will be able to have any sort of cross-pollination between the console and PC versions, although the team knows the demand is there. None of this is meant to demolish enthusiasm, but it probably does affect your enthusiasm to know that the PC version will offer more graphical options but might show up later. In summary, check out some raw PvP match footage below.

Source: PC Gamer (1,2), VG24/7
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