Colony MMO Seed secures additional funding


Last week we reported that Klang Games is making an interesting-looking colony survival game called Seed that is utilizing SpatialOS to create this expansive virtual world. Now Seed might be in a better position than ever to make it across the launch line, thanks to additional funding secured by its developer.

“The Berlin-based developer Klang Games has secured additional funding to power the creation of its AI-driven strategy MMO, Seed. The undisclosed amount comes way of Greylock Partners’ Discovery Fund, David Helgason of Unity, and the investor Joi Ito,” Gamasutra notes.

Klang has also hired a Harvard law professor to help shape Seed’s political structure. What, you thought you’d be able to create your own little utopian colony without having to resort to elections, voter fraud, and Twitter mishaps? That would be just straight-up covfefe.

Source: Gamasutra

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Yeah, no mention that the “Harvard Law Professor” is none other than former Democratic Presidential Candidate and Obama pally Lawrence Lessig.

Massively, I thought you were above this sort of stuff. You can get politics on 90% of the Internet. Can we keep it out of our games?


It seems to me that Massively went out of its way to avoid naming him while still being able to report on that aspect of Seed’s development.
But even if they did use his name, mentioning someone who is/was in politics isn’t the same as being political.
Edit: Though I see now that the second half of your post is likely talking about a different point. I have trouble noticing the spacing in the comments section sometimes.

Kala Mona

I kinda understand you not wanting political content on Massively, but this wasn’t as bad IMO, since it was relevant.

Melissa McDonald

There was a bit of snark there. The news was relevant, the spin was political.


Everything in life is political. Games and gaming even more so.

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

I love you guys.