Primal Survival development has ceased for ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Dead on Arrival

As we approach this year’s E3, it seems like an opportune time to check back in on features and additions that were promised at the prior year’s E3. Remember when ARK: Survival Evolved talked about Primal Survival? It was announced as a total conversion of┬áthe game by Instinct Games and was meant to let players jump into the role of the various creatures, hunting, mating, and surviving as a dinosaur instead of a human. That sounds cool just typing it out! So when is it coming?

Never! Because development on it has apparently been cancelled with no further explanation. (It includes a promise that the developers may look at it later, which is usually code for never considering it again.)

Fan reactions are split on the game’s Reddit, with some fans arguing it’s not really Studio Wildcard’s fault and others arguing that the developers have spread themselves too thin to begin with. Regardless, it’s good as a reminder to temper your hype about anything you see announced on the show floor this year, as it may or may not ever seen the light of day.

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