Lineage II Classic succumbs to pirate fever


What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? You might think “Arrr,” but he really loves the C!

Dad jokes aside, swashbucklers have boarded Lineage II’s classic server over in Europe, but we doubt that anyone is too concerned about the company. The pirate horde is headed by Captain Zaken, a fearsome foe that can only be taken down by a minimum of seven (!) coordinated parties. He’s only the first of five additional raid bosses that have bolstered the game’s villain roster.

Pirate treasures can now be found on the hunting zone of Devil’s Isle, or if a chance of scenery is needed, there’s also the new Giant’s Cave to explore. To help with the patch’s raid bosses and hunting grounds, players can take advantage of weapon augmentation to give their gear a bit of a boost.


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Robert Mann

Okay, who’s the mad scientist pirate surgeon who cut off somebody’s head to attach to that body, because they really managed to take a very feminine face and put it over those muscles…

It just looks odd. Not expected, laughing at the way it looks, isn’t serious pirate business.


A pirate’s favorite fruit is the Arrange, high in vitamin C, to prevent him from getting scurvy


Yes, please get rid of that crazy ad.


What the fuck is the deal with this full page ad?!? I have this site whitelisted because I want the people running this site to make money, but I’m going to turn my blocker back on if this keeps up. =(

Steven Williams

REMOVE THESE DAMNED WIZARD101/WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR ADS. The stupid overlay ads are appearing over every single page on this website, the loading bar is slow/sometimes doesn’t work, and it makes browsing on my cell an annoying experience. I have turned on AdBlock for the first time since whitelisting this site so I can catch up on MMO news without immense frustration. I’d really like to turn it back off.

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Jack Pipsam

So I wasn’t the only one. It was so annoying, it wouldn’t even fully load for me so I didn’t even get a “X” to exit it after the first time. I still have ads running but I just avoided the site for hours until it buggered off.

EDIT: Nope as soon as I got out of this article it did it again, once again it would say “loading message from our sponsor”, the green bar would slowly full and then it would remain full and nothing would pop-up, no way to get out of it. After refreshing the page a few times it wouldn’t go away.

For the first time in my life I installed AdBlock just so I could access this page again. I’ll uninstall it later once this nonsense passes.

Maybe this is why the traffic seems quite low with the last few posts, because of the ad it was impossible to pass and you couldn’t read/comment on anything.

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wow they really aren’t too far into the progression at all. it’s no surprise that people were complaining a year ago becuase that was l2 at it’s basolutely grindiest.

it also seems they’re going slow with the patch progression. this didn’t come out thattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt too long after prelude finished and the game officially launched iirc. idk, new chronicles every 4-6 months and this would be in part of c2? (but not all of c2 obviously).