DC Universe Online looks forward to a new powerset and two new stories

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Ah, summer, the time of year when everyone inevitably starts thinking about the fall. It is what comes next, after all. So DC Universe Online is teasing its plans for content through September and November, including the upcoming new Water powerset to replicate Aquaman. Stop laughing, it’s a legitimate powerset; it can heal or do damage, focusing on manipulating the water in and around allies and enemies. It’s scheduled to roll out on August 30th, so you’ll be ale to get all wet just before the summer ends.

Meanwhile, the two new story arcs for the game will be coming out in September and November. The first one, Riddled with Crime, sees Batman going missing and Gotham City’s underworld rising up to take control of the streets; the second brings in the Crime Society of America from Earth-3, requiring heroes to team up with Alexander Luthor in a world where all of the morality of characters is reversed. It’s a little ways away, but you know with all of this that you won’t want for entertainment for the next few months.


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Happy that this game is still being updated and expanded and doing well for itself. Really enjoyed the combat, I just wish the game would at least occasionally increase the level cap/release new questing and leveling areas instead of forever adding to the instanced endgame.


There’s really no point in increasing level cap since combat rating is basically your level after regular lvl 30. And there are quests beyond lvl 30 http://dcuobloguide.com/zones/missions/ some of which are in the new shared zones