Absolver teases tomorrow’s launch with a sweet new trailer

We're friends, right?

Absolver’s unique style of multiplayer online combat is set to go live on Steam and PS4 tomorrow, and Devolver Digital has a new trailer out today to hype the launch.

The fanbase has previously griped about the short PvE campaign and region-locked PvP, the latter of which will presumably remain the core of the game post-launch.

The base game is currently on sale for $26.99 on PC; there are apparently no plans for irritating microtransactions or a season pass-like subscription, just expansions as needed. Anybody diving in? Trailer is a go!

Source: Steam

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Ket Viliano

And on GoG!


The fanbase has previously griped about the short PvE campaign

With a the tone they’ve set with this game and launch video, you expect more of a “journey” (extending coop would draw in so many more players!), than just another shallow lobby arena game!

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Alfredo Garcia

Region-locked PvP gets a lot of respect from me. These devs must actually take the experience of playing their game seriously, understand the realities of technology and physics, and the restrictions necessary for satisfying online play.

All online games with timing and reaction based PvP should have region locks. It sucks not being able to play a game you’d very much want to but the alternative is subjecting everyone else to your 200+ ping.

Jack Kerras

I wish I could send you a hug through the Internet. Playing a game like this with awful ping would just suck.

Ket Viliano

I totally disagree. I played DFO with around 250-300 ping most of the time, and found playing with people from Europe to a welcome addition to the game. Region locking leaves me playing with dudebros from LA, not bad per se, but monotonous.

What would be nice would be a game built around the limits of a wide area network, it could be done.