The LOTRO team dishes on Mordor and PvMP

Hungry for more information about Lord of the Rings Online and its recent Mordor expansion? YouTuber Stefalla interviewed Standing Stone Games CM Jerry Snook to see what news he could glean from the studio.

One pressing question was when Mordor will become available for LOTRO Points, considering that some players have held off purchasing the expansion until this happens. Snook said that this is planned for winter some time around Update 22, although he wouldn’t commit to a firm date.

It’s a little hard to listen to, as English is not the native language of Stefalla, but there’s some interesting stuff here, especially in regard to the development of Mordor’s storyline outside of the narrative of the books. Check it out after the break!

Source: YouTube

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The lotro dev team and PVMP balance in the same sentence –> it will only get worse
Funny he is asking for feedback on PVMP … The last 10 years have been 1 big feedback session …

Melissa McDonald

Funny, after 10 years of playing the game and completely ignoring crafting, I’m deep diving into it, mostly pursuing Tailoring. It’s mostly going back to places I’ve already been and one-shotting critters for hides, then having a beer whilst pounding out crafted goods, but I am progressing nicely. I look forward to making some truly fine leather armour commensurate with my level. My buddy is making weapons, so we’re going to equip each other.


German, saxon, by the sound of it. The fact that saxons have one of the harshest accents in Germany doesn’t help. They’re almost as bad as bavarians.

The guy is only 16 yrs old, though, so it’s cool what he did there and I’m sure he’ll improve with time.


Definitely Saxon yes, i am from Bavaria and what you said FeelsBadMan…


Well all I wanted to say is that it is really hard to understand Bavarians if you don’t speak their lingo yourself.

Roger Melly

Decided to wait until it’s available for Turbine Points because as a lifer I have loads of them built up . I’ll just play something else until it is .