Darkfall: New Dawn tweaks colors, removes bindstones, and improves AI

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Right now it is not hard to keep the two Darkfall reboot projects separated. While Rise of Agon launched earlier this year, New Dawn is still working toward its own official release. At least with this week’s Patch 4.0, the PvP MMO will have made significant progress toward that goal.

There is a lot that the developers crammed into this patch, so let’s tick off the salient details. There is an improvement in the mob artificial intelligence (in part, to head off exploits), new tailor robes, the removal of bindstones for a local resurrection option, a beefed up alignment system, quest kill sharing, and better player progression and combat balance.

The team also improved the visuals a bit: “We have implemented post-processing effects that allow us to tweak color saturation and image contrast. The current settings will not fit all locations in game, but individual environments are being tweaked for the next patch.”

Get a quick overview of the update and a look at some of these snazzy new outfits after the jump!

Source: Patch notes

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Good summary. DND is the version that is really trying to create something new. The radical feature here is the ditching of bindstone recall, meaning that when you die you respawn somewhere near that same place, as you do not have the option to teleport to your “home” town.
The “no-fast-travel” change ties in with the ultimate vision for the launch of the game, where it will be a regionalised sandbox with variation in available resources, and even localised banking and localised markets.


Cant wait to try it out. Playing RoA atm but servers are pretty dead. Hopefully New Dawn can make it happen.