Valnir Rok launches its early access longships


It is time to tap into brutality, savagery, and primal struggles. No, we’re not talking about football season but rather the early access launch of Viking MMO Valnir Rok.

The cutthroat survival game transitioned from closed alpha testing to early access on Tuesday, opening the doors for players to visit Valnir Island and see if they can hack it as a Norseman of yore. You can get a slight 10% discount if you pick up the game between now and October 3rd, otherwise you’re going to have to mortgage your house to pay the full $20 for the in-development game.

The team has been busy talking up Valnir Rok on the official site, with developer blogs covering the game’s writing, new servers, and the official wallpaper. Additionally, you can watch the early access launch trailer after the jump!

Source: Steam

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Melissa McDonald

I feel like the History Channel would like to have a little chat with them about their logo.

odin valhalla

Ya holy smokes thats pretty blatant, lol. Still, a viking MMO I mean I need practice my raids last year didnt go so well.