Here’s a look at the eyecandy coming in tomorrow’s Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One (X) update

Elder Scrolls Online players on Xbox One are due for a fun patch tomorrow, and it’s not just a hand-me-down from PC (although there’s a little bit of that too!). Specifically, you can expect some hefty graphical upgrades as the game launches for the Xbox One X.

Water reflections should look significantly better, screen space ambient occlusion will become toggleable, and view distance will be cranked up to 11, meaning “environments will load in at a farther distance than before and higher-quality models will appear sooner.” Best of all,

“If you’re connected to a 4K display, ESO will run at true native 4K resolution without resorting to upscaling or checkerboarding techniques (methods many games must use to achieve near-4K resolution).”

The graphical upgrades are part of the Xbox One version of update 16, which launches tomorrow alone with the Clockwork City DLC already live on PC.

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