Blade & Soul’s Dawn of the Lost Continent launches today (and it has a flying pirate ship)

Blade & Soul’s biggest update ever is live today – or will be this afternoon once the servers are back from maintenance tonight!

As we’ve previously profiled, Dawn of the Lost Continent lifts the level cap to 55, adds new ultimate skills, and launches the eighth act of the game’ storyline, which literally involves a giant flying pirate ship. There are new zones, two new heroic dungeons, and a 12-man raid to boot. There’s even something for soloers:

“Become the King of the Outlaws on Outlaw Island! Poharan, the gun-toting maniac and Vice Admiral of the Blackram, has an even more maniacal gun-toting sister, Yeohoran! And she’s the resident Force of Nature on Outlaw Island. The heroic solo dungeon will pit players in the Blackram Battle Royale to challenge the pirate queen herself in a deadly duel.”

Source: Press release, official site, patch notes

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Castagere Shaikura

Lvl 50 gunner coming right up. This is really a free expansion with all you get with it. Yeah it will be a long 8 hours. Already applied the free boost and other goodies to my account.


Why is she wearing a G-string on her face?


Indeed! It is going to be a long 8 hours for those of us who partake in this game. Lol.

So, suffice it to say that this is a huge drop for the game, the odd thing for me is that they are just treating this like an oridinary update. But per my old veteran MMO handbook this is an expansion. Why? Let’s review:

-New level cap, check.
-New continent and areas complete with new story, check.
-New abilities, check.
-New Raids, check.
-New Dungeons, check.
-New Solo Heroics, check.
-New QoL features, check.
-New gear progression, check.
-New systems, check.
-Two Events concurrent with launch, double check!
-Instant Level 50, with gear and all the goodies, check.

And the beauty of it? None if it is hidden behind a paywall or a lootbox. Not a single bit of it!

I will take my leave from you now as I feel the NCsoft hate rising.

But, before you throw stones, check out this short vid of me on my plucky BladeMaster.

Music: BnS OST. Fashion: Holiday Cute-Devastation.


No Lyn Gunners yet though. :(


Welp….that explains why I couldn’t log on to it this morning. O.o


Yeah. Lol. And, just like always in this MMO world, 8 hours could be…. more than 8 hours.

We will see.