Gunjack 2 is still alive, lands on Gear VR


Don’t despair thinking that the entire EVE universe is collapsing into a single title just yet; the black hole theory has yet to be proven, and CCP’s virtual reality offshoots are still flying. In fact, Gunjack 2: End of Shift just made the jump to a new platform, announcing its arrival on Samsung Gear VR this week.

The virtual reality shooter, which puts the player inside a capital ship gun turret to blast EVE universe ships, now is available for $9 for Gear VR players. It’s also still available through Google Play.

Fly — and shoot — on, CCP!

Source: Gunjack 2

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Considering that every one of these side ventures of theirs has failed, I’m surprised that their board of directors or shareholders or whatever, continue to allow them to try new ones rather than just focussing on their main cash cow, or outright buying another developer that is actually successful at one of these type of games.

Melissa McDonald

Worth a try. Was messing around with my gear VR last night, and thinking to myself, “VR is completely different than trying to view something on a flat screen.” You really get that truth when you’re in the VR space. It’s hard to tell someone about it, they have to experience it for themselves.