Titan Quest lives on in current-gen consoles


To be completely honest with you, I never really thought that we would be reporting in 2017 about a Diablo clone that released in 2006, but here we are. Perhaps it’s Titan Quest’s willingness to adapt to new platforms that has kept this ARPG alive and kicking over the past decade or so.

The next stage of adaptation is coming soon, as Titan Quest announced that it is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018, with a Nintendo Switch version in the works for an unspecified future release. The console edition will contain the base game and Immortal Throne expansion.

Console players can check out this mythology-steeped title either online or off, with the online version sporting a two- to six-player coop mode. Titan Quest will be released in both Standard ($30) and Collector’s Editions ($120), with the latter containing a Greek war helmet replica and (drumroll) a notepad. Hm. Probably should have ended with the helmet thing.

Titan Quest recently released a Ragnarok expansion on Steam and was ported over to mobile last year.

Source: Press release

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Finally couch co-op?

Jeff Mauney

Best ARPG ever made. I replay it every couple of years. It even has Workshop support on Steam.


Plow through hundreds of enemies.
Bodies flying everywhere as the physics engine gets a workout.
Wander into cave and hear a roar!
Charge giant winged lion and die in two seconds.

Freakin’ Manticore.

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Jack Pipsam

At least Nordic is doing something good in gaming right now.


I have this on mobile. Need the expansion there too, my dudes.