Guild Wars 2 is hiring a writer and narrative designer

We regret to inform you that while ArenaNet is definitely hiring a Writer / Narrative Designer for Guild Wars 2, it is also a job you are probably not qualified for. (This is in a general sense, mind you; if you’re a regular reader and have shipped two AAA games, by all means, go forth.) But it’s still interesting for those of us who are not qualified for the position, as it offers a hint about how much more writing is going to be coming out of the studio with upcoming patches. (And also that Riot Games just picked up the former holder of that job, Michael Yichao.)

Obviously, it doesn’t hint at all about the content of those stories, but it’s a senior position that indicates a need for more words, more characters, and more narrative. If that’s your favorite part of the game in the Living World, you have reason to be happy. But you probably don’t need to send off your resume, although if you do, make sure to check out the twitter feeds of ANet’s Bobby Stein and Tom Abernathy, which are stuffed full of advice for aspiring applicants.

Source: Twitter
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Ben Stone

About time.

Robert Mann

Degree plus minimum 5 years. Same as pretty much anywhere else. Another 10-15 years and the old blood will be dead, every job posting will be ignored, and companies worldwide will go under for lack of people while wondering why…

And the people in charge only have themselves to blame.


PoF was the first thing in GW2 ever where the writing was really well done for the overall narrative. The voice acting worked and the humor was solid.

Resurrect Trahearne so he can take Balthazar’s place as a God so that GW2 can go back to it’s rightful place as being openly spiteful to its fans with its narrative.


I’d ship Worlds of Warcraft and Tera. Those two make such a cute couple.