EVE changes fleet fight notification tool to fix a persistent rejection bug

hey, you guys wanna have a fight
When big groups of ships fight in EVE Online, it can put a real strain on the game’s servers. Sure, it might just look like a bunch of colored lights drawing lines aggressively at one another, but a lot is going on under the hood. For that reason, the folks at CCP Games have an automated tool to let them know when players intend to have a large-scale space battle. The only problem with it is that it was auto-rejecting requests that should have been totally valid, and the programmers couldn’t figure out why… until now.

Turns out that the explanation was fairly simple. The code was set up to check if a request was within 24 hours and reject it based on that, but the requests really just needed to be in before the usual server downtime. That code has been fixed so that you now must file your request an hour before the downtime starts, but otherwise you’ll be able to progress normally. So now it’ll be easier to get people together for truly massive space battles, followed by taking all of their stuff. Or having your stuff taken, which frankly is just plain rude.


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