Valnir Rok patches in female characters and horses

What a bold step forward. How impressive.

Girls love horses, right? That’s still a gendered stereotype, isn’t it? Because the latest patch for Valnir Rok adds both girls and horses to the game, so you can now play a female character (and imagine the screaming if a game started out only offering female characters and no male ones) and have your own personal steed. There are also new braids and tattoos available, although we may assume with some sorrow that you probably cannot apply those braids to your horse’s mane.

The patch also brings with it a number of bug fixes for everything from swimming to clans, so the game should be far more stable as a whole. And there are new quests, which gives you more stuff to do after the accompanying server wipe. So get back into the game, make yourself your new character (who can actually be a lady now), and start raising your horse. There might be another game there, but horses.

Source: Steam page

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I got excited for a moment when I first saw this, but nope not an MMORPG. Just another survival game with empty servers.

Randy Savage

Does everything have to have a political statement these days?