Sci-fi battle arena FeArea takes the MOBA to the future


Despite the recent rash of shutdowns, game developers haven’t quite given up on trying to crack into the MOBA market and siphon off that sweet, sweet revenue flow. To accomplish this, some studios try a different take on the MOBA, such as Muvgames’ FeArea.

Not a traditional League of Legends-style MOBA, FeArea styles itself as a battle arena that borrows elements from that gamestyle while adding in tanks, mechs, and high-powered weapons. The studio claims that there is no grinding or minion battling in these 5v5 bouts. It sounds more like a demolition derby than anything else: “You can crush and destroy any obstacle or even a building!”

FeArea is currently fighting its way through early access on Steam and can be purchased for 25% off at $4.49 through March 1st.

Source: Steam
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Space Captain Zor

Those explosions are…. weird.