ArcheAge players fear pay-to-win practices will infect new progression server

With ArcheAge’s new progression fresh start server going live today, players are raising concerns that Trion Worlds has slipped in pay-to-win elements in its cash shop mere hours before the shard’s activation.

Some of the questionable items that have appeared on the cash shop include dungeon run consumables, leveling consumables, best-in-slot pajamas, and combat consumables.

One major ArcheAge content creator, Paradox Gaming, called Trion out on Twitter for the last-minute move: “Its not to late to save this fresh start launch of ArcheAge. You have time to fix the ‘pay to win’ that has hit the fresh start marketplace. The community wants to hear that all is not lost for ArcheAge. What say you @hartsman? Can we get a public statement on AA FS P2W?”

Source: RedditTwitter. Thanks, Two Tridents!

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