Sea of Thieves adds new outfits and a special gun for a month of play

Smell bads.

After a month at sea, one can imagine your character in Sea of Thieves is more than ready to stop in to port. But you’ll soon be setting sail from that port once again, no matter where it is. Just make sure that you first pick up the Eye of Reach from merchants for just one gold piece, a special commemorative item for a month since launch. Heck, while you’re there you ought to take part in lots of stock; the newest patch adds a variety of new styles for ships, weaponry, and characters, offering a wider range of options for everyone.

The patch also adds in regional variation for merchants, so players will need to head to head to the Ancient Isles to pick up the Sovereign sets, while more common attire like the Bilge Rat options may be freely purchased anywhere. There’s also performance tweaks and bug fixes to enjoy, so while you’re dressed up all fancy-like you can expect a steadier gameplay experience. All good things, yes? Enough to make you forget that you’re still trapped in a leaky wooden boat after a month.


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quick video of the free sniper rifle.

idk how keen i am on not having full selection of items at all ports. i get what their reasoning would be but ultimatley it’s not going to be appreciated much i expect.

Dug From The Earth

Is its nickname “The screen blocker” ?