E3 2018: Black Desert gets a teaser trailer for Xbox One

Oh, great.
Hey, do you remember about how Black Desert is headed for the Xbox One? That’s been quiet for quite some time. But now it’s moving forward again with the launch of a trailer specifically for the console launch, so that’s a good thing. If you’ve never looked into anything about the game before now but want to sate your curiosity a bit, now would be the time to hop on down and check out that trailer.

Luckily, there’s new stuff going on even if you’re someone who doesn’t “do” videos; the teaser site has added in beta signups and a promise that the beta testing will begin in the fall. So it’s not happening tomorrow, but we have dates and forward motion. That’s the important part!

Source: Official Site; thanks to Babagra.pl for the tip!
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