Elder Scrolls Online players politely review-bomb the game over excessive Steam login woes

If you’ve been struggling to play Elder Scrolls Online on Steam this weekend, you’re not alone. Apparently the Steam logins have been crapping out across the board for ESO players for the last couple of weekends, leading to some gigantic threads on both Steam and Reddit (1200+ comments on that angry Steam thread!) as people couldn’t log into the game for the majority of yesterday.

The repetitive issues on Steam have led players to review-bomb the game on the platform, driving its recent reviews down to “mixed” (overall, it’s “mostly positive,” which is pretty high for an MMORPG these days).

The amusing thing is that it’s the nicest review bombing I’ve ever seen, with most of the negative reviews telling people the game is still worth buying – just to not buy it on Steam until the problems are resolved.

“With the constant steam login issues that me and many other users experience, I feel like new players should be warned any way possible,” reads one Reddit thread asking mods to warn people away from buying the game on Steam. “I’m sure many people are like me and check subreddits of games before buying to gauge the community and see what fans of the game think. The past 2 weeks I’ve seen at least 3 people report that they just started playing and can’t log in. It would not surprise me if some new players have stopped playing outright after these issues and that’s terrible for our community. I love this game and don’t want new players to make the same mistake I did by purchasing through Steam.”

According to Bethsoft’s tweets, the game is functioning normally on Steam as of Monday. Let’s hope next weekend is back to normal, eh?

Source: Steam, Reddit. Cheers, Zsokorad.
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