DCUO adds a civil war as a summer vacation destination

Superheroes and swimsuits — what’s not to love? Even the hardest working warriors of justice deserve a vacation now and then. For them (and you too, faithful chum), there’s DC Universe Online’s summer event, which is now live on the servers.

The Tides of War summer event pits Aquaman against Ocean Master, with players choosing one or the other to champion. For those who participate in the Atlantean civil war, there are plenty of new feats, collections, base items, island styles, and a “bubbly” aura that will no doubt be the butt of every fart joke going forward.

The event arrived with today’s Game Update 84. Players should note that DCUO has now increased the artifact cap to 160, expanded the inventory menu, enabled Operation: Underworld Trials and Harley’s Heist to be cross-faction, and thrown in prestige as another reward for Doomsday fights.


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i have seen a few of her yoga videos.Yoga is suppose to relax you, she keeps blabbering non stop.But maybe she is good as a voice actress.Besides that im hoping that dcuo will do a sale to their sub.Not wort it in relation to full sub games like wow,ff14 or swtor.


Totally random, but just discovered last night that my favorite yoga youtube channel is a woman who also voices Lois Lane, Supergirl, Powergirl and Raven in this game. Her name is Adriene Mishler. Small world! Apparently she splits her time between her various yoga ventures and acting, voice acting, etc.

I’m curious now to hear those characters voices in the game lol. Might have to google them and get some in game footage videos.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

It’s free to play too, so you could give it a whirl sometime too!