The Crew 2 jolts into open beta with the help of Red Bull as Steam reviews hit ‘mostly negative’


There’s the waving flag for The Crew 2’s open beta test, so get out on the track this weekend and take the multiplayer’s vehicles for a drive before it’s all over on June 25th!

The test is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is free to all players. You will need an Ubisoft account to access it, however. There’s a lot to be mastered with eight modes that include street races, powerboats, aerobatics, motocross, and touring cars. All beta testers will secure an exclusive gold helmet once the game launches on June 29th.

If all of that isn’t crazy enough, Ubisoft and Red Bull partnered up for a “Face Your Ride” challenge. Players can submit their craziest stunts during beta in the hopes of driving a real Red Bull racing vehicle. The energy drink company said that this is the first of several promotions planned with the game.

As you caffeinate up for beta testing, make sure to watch the preview videos down below, and maybe keep an eye on the reviews too: On Steam, they’re already in the “mostly negative” zone.

Source: The Crew 2. Thanks BalsBigBrother!


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I played a lot of the Crew but I couldn’t take much more than an hour of the Crew 2 beta. Either it’s got a lot more flashy, in-your-face and ‘yo, social media get followers dude!’ than the original, or I’m too old and grumpy. I’ll let you decide.


I found that annoying too.

Mousethetank .

I have only played a short time, but I had a blast. It runs great on my pc, with an older I7 and a 970gtx, and it is arcade style rather than Sim, but I love that about it.

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Youch…Saw some of the reviews but I’ll have to dig through a bit more because I cant’ tell if it’s “too arcadey” or just straight up bad handling for stuff like boats etc. But that’s not a great sign.

Hopefully whatever is wrong can be fixed before launch…I enjoyed the bits I played of the first (and broken record, I still need to play more -_-) and this one looks way more up my alley. Bigger, dumber, more arcadey, all things that please me.


Bigger, dumber, more arcadey, all things that please me.

In which case I think you might be their target audience far more than me!

I didn’t find anything ‘bad’ in the handling of the boats, planes or cars, but it is straight-up arcade. They all respond well, just not like any of them should do in real life :)

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I have only played a couple or three hours of the open beta since it got going and its been kinda fun. Then again I enjoyed The Crew in its first incarnation and this is more of the same with boats and planes added.

Just driving or flying around a virtual representation of the US, exploring and taking pictures of nice views is enough of a game for me. Though I have enjoyed the race aspect of it when I have tried them even won some of them too. Though I suck at drifting, have always sucked at drifting and I don’t see that improving here either hehe.

While I can’t speak for others or really comment on other peoples experiences with the beta personally I haven’t had any issues and the game has run fine for me to date, not crashed with no lagging either.

Its not a simulation nor is it trying to be Forza and it doesn’t need to either. It looks and plays good enough for what it is trying to do as a game in its own right which is fine by me. You all will have to make up your own minds on that point though.

So am I going to buy it at launch? Probably not but not because I don’t think its worth buying from what I have seen so far I think it totally is. However, personally I have a lot going on and will simply not have any time for it. So it will be a game I will most likely get in a month or so when hopefully everything calms down a little for me.

Hope anyone who jumps in either the open beta or the full game at launch has a fun experience :-)


Most of the people giving negative reviews are having settings or control issues. It’s not the gameplay per se but some bugs here and there that are often in these games at early releases.

If I remember correctly early releases of The Crew had the same sort of issues that were worked out. Another of their games (The Division) had a lot of issues at release as well that also were smoothed out.

So really most of the negative comes from things that will be fixed pretty soon.

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Every MMO gives these same “we’ll patch it later” excuses, but if they waited until the game was fixed to release it into open beta (which generally occurs right before launch), it would get much better opening feedback.

Granted, as often happens, there may be newer code being touched up now that is awaiting official launch. However, these days MMO open betas function not only as server stress tests but as preorder and “launch day expectation” showcases. Devs and publishers who want better last-minute-before-launch feedback should have that code ready to roll in time for open beta.

And I don’t say this as a Driving Sim Hardass. ;) I say it as a casual vehicle sim gamer who likes unrealistic, can-do-everything-I-can’t-do-in-real-life arcade racing. I have been driving on real roads in real traffic for 36 years; I don’t need to do more of it in a game.