RIFT datamining uncovers the gear and pets of Summerfest

Like this, but more summer.
It’s summertime, and that means seasonal events will flow like wine in MMOs. Why go out into the heat and sun when you can make your character do it? So it goes for RIFT, but you needn’t wonder what this year’s celebration will bring thanks to the latest round of datamining from The Ghar Station. Mounts, outfits, face gear, even new backpacks have all been uncovered for the event.

Players will be picking up a new grass skirt along with masks for the summer celebration, parrots as a seasonal pet, and a new surfboard for mount purposes. There’s also a new seal and a new pair of backpacks available, and even some non-summerfest items uncovered in the latest roundup of datamining. Check out the whole thing right now if you don’t mind being spoiled about these items when they’re officially revealed; the important thing is that you get to celebrate the weather while staying inside and surrounded by air conditioning.

Source: The Ghar Station; thanks to Potato Pancake for the tip!

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