Dauntless previous expansion weaponry, plans to roll out expansion chunks as they’re ready

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If you like the way Blizzard rolls out WoW expansions – in chunks – then you’re going to appreciate Dauntless for much the same reason. Phoenix Labs says in its most recent dev blog that it’s planning on meting out “pieces of The Coming Storm as they become ready” to give the studio “the flexibility to work with your feedback.”

The Coming Storm was announced a few weeks ago with a target date of August 9th, which we presume now will actually be the first leg; its chief claim to fame is a massive rework of Ramsgate, the game’s central hub, thanks to the invasion of an Ostian Dreadnaught, an event that heralds new gear themes and weapons too. Those weapons – and the new Behemoth himself – are the subject of the rest of the blog piece.

“Slayers looking to down Behemoths at range will have access to Ostian Repeaters. Striking from range doesn’t equal safety though, and Slayers who pick up the repeaters will still need to get their hands dirty. As Koshai’s threat has grown more prominent, the usefulness of attacking from a distance – especially if you’re held in place by brambles and thorns – has become clear. These handheld mechanical marvels come straight from the forges of Ostia and have benefited from their artisans’ love of tinkering. The result is a paired weapon with interchangeable parts, allowing Slayers to customize different aspects of their repeaters to suit their needs. The materials needed to create these weapons and the training required to wield them will challenge even devoted Slayers. But for those who give their time, passion, and archonite, there’s something truly lethal in store.”

Source: Official site, press release

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“Previous” or “Previews”?

Kickstarter Donor

Agreed. Pretty sure the headline should say previews.

Kickstarter Donor

For anyone actively playing – have they said anything about performance improvements or expanded graphical options? Tried to give it another go this weekend but between pretty poor performance given the level of visual fidelity and the fact that the game apparently doesn’t support 2K resolution in windowed maximized (shows a fucky non-standard sub-2K resolution) or fullscreen (caps out at 1080p) it’s pretty rough for me to try to play : /

Want to dig in more to give it a serious go before MHW comes out since there are aspects I do quite like and I think it’s a pretty slick looking game, but I’m struggling with the visual/performance issues >.<