The Cycle starts closed alpha testing this weekend


Looking for a game with bite-sized persistent experience? The Cycle may fit into this very specific niche, offering 20-minute free-for-all PvP matches where players kill each other, complete quests, and grab everything not nailed down before the timer is up.

While this blended multiplayer game isn’t due out until the end of the year, The Cycle is spinning up for a closed alpha test this weekend. Starting on Thursday, August 9th, and running through Sunday, August 12th, the alpha will offer a glimpse at this work-in-progress title for those lucky enough to get a key.

And how do you get a testing key, praytell? This is one of those “register and cross your fingers for luck” situations, so if you are selected, you’ll be contacted by email. Even if you do get in, you won’t be able to tell anyone about your experiences — The Cycle’s closed alpha has an NDA guarding it.

Source: Steam

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