Jace Hall confirms that he’s H1Z1’s new PC lead, promises the sky


The rumors and hints are true: Monolith’s Jace Hall has made the jump over to Daybreak to take on the position as PC lead for H1Z1. Hall said that some of the details of this transition and future plans are still under NDA but that everyone should expect to hear a lot of details about the game’s development soon.

“Generally speaking, things that the community WANTS are the things that the community WILL GET,” Hall said. “It is not a question of ‘IF’ we are going to deliver desired changes to the player base, it is only a question of ‘WHEN.’ Count on it. The game is a service. A good service delivers what its customer’s want. It’s that simple.”

Hall certainly has high aspirations: “I believe that H1Z1 PC total ecosystem can slowly but surely and uniquely become something like the Counter-Strike of the battle royale genre. It’s an exciting thought.”

Oh, and the Daybreak H1Z1 forums appear to be back, so that’s pretty cool for those who don’t like to spend their lives lurking on Reddit!


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What if the community wants contradictory things given that, you know, it’s presumably made up of a diverse set of people?


Guys, it’s Daybreak. Nothing good will come of this.


Hmmm… could be the flare DBG desperately needs. I think (no pun intended) DBG just got it’s first real break.


Time will tell…


This artwork is for the zombie survival game.
When do people learn to stop using OLD H1Z1 artwork.

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Jack Pipsam

I had seen a lot of hype around this related to his Twitter account for a while.

Hopefully a community driven pillar like himself is exactly what the game needs to keep going and hopefully grow on PC again.

Richard Earle

awesome. I support anything Jace Hall. I dont play these kind of games, but Jace Hall is pure quality and H1Z1 should flourish under his leadership.

and for anyone who doesnt know Jace Hall, search youtube for Jace Hall Show. it was freaking hilarious and very well produced and probably 5 years too early for its time because his channel was inexplicably underappreciated.

great guy


The fact that his portrayal of a psychopathic toaster hasn’t won any awards is purely criminal. Sorry Red Dwarf but your definitely in second place on that front.

Bruno Brito

He was the executive producer for V. It was really good.

Guy is a decent add to this team. Hope he achieves a lot.


This message would have been a lot more meaningful if it was still 2015. LOL
To be clear, I understand that he is new to the company and laying down the gauntlet with his new job. I applaud that from anyone.
The fault has always been with Daybreak itself.


Yeah, i wish him and the team the best of luck, but i am done with both games.