H1Z1 has officially launched on the PlayStation 4 as Jace Hall joins the H1Z1 PC team

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Daybreak’s battle royale game H1Z1 has been through more ups and downs and ups again in the last few years than most games see in their lifetimes. The game once bizarrely marketed to former Star Wars Galaxies players has split in two, undergone multiple name changes, seen its survival half falter, made it to television with esports events, wallowed in early access, missed multiple launch windows, suffered layoffs, and lost most of its playerbase to PUBG, and also shed most of its zombie nature, all before seemingly finding rescue in its wildly successful PlayStation 4 beta this past spring.

“The official H1Z1 launch update on PlayStation®4 includes:

  • Battle Pass Season 1: PS4 players can now unlock up to 30 rewards levels across 3 distinct lines (free, premium, and PS Plus). Battle Pass Season 1 premium line can be purchased for $5.49 / €5.49, while all PS Plus members will receive the PS Plus line included in membership. Level progression will carry over between lines.
  • Two New Weapons: The explosive RPG can be found in gold tier airdrops, and specializes in taking out vehicles. The deadly SOCOM Sniper Rifle can be found in purple tier airdrops, and offers a new tactical option for long-range gunfights.
  • New Vehicle: The ARV fits a full fives team and includes a hatch for a squad mate to fire out the top – making it the ultimate vehicle for squad-based gameplay.
  • New Launch Bundles: Players can now customize their character to the max through the new Viper Starter bundle ($4.99 USD / €4.99) or Hardline Deluxe bundle, which includes Premium Battle Pass ($34.99 USD / €34.99). Both Launch bundles are now available at a special launch discount until September 4 on the PlayStation Store.”

Meanwhile, MOP reader and tipster Kinya has pointed us to some cryptic tweets from Monolith’s Jace Hall:



On Reddit, H1Z1’s community manager has seemingly confirmed Hall’s work on the game:

“Hey guys – just here to confirm that Jace Hall (president of Twin Galaxies and co-chair of the H1Z1 Pro League) has announced that he will be working in partnership with Daybreak to bring his development leadership skills to H1Z1 for PC. Jace has been an avid player and advocate of H1Z1 since day one, and his passion and dedication for the game have only grown over the years with the launch of the H1Z1 Pro League. He has built a strong H1Z1 community, and we’re just as excited as you are to continue our collaborative relationship in support of his vision for the game.”

Source: Press release, patch notes, Reddit. Cheers, Kinya!
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