PlanetSide 2 disables anomalies while Daybreak figures out what their deal is


Let’s check back in with the war efforts over at PlanetSide 2 today. Daybreak’s pushed out a hotfix this week that disabled anomalies while the studio works on clearing up “some remaining issues.” Silly anomalies. Never behaving the way you’d like them to.

The hotfix also made some changes to how squads work: “We’ve embraced beacon access for all players as a feature. In the next update we’d like to have Fireteam locking which will make controlling this feature a bit more intuitive.” Also: “Squad and Platoon Leaders now always have access to Leaders chat (and Leaders voice) by default. In the future we’d like to add the ability to leave chat channels.”

Other areas adjusted include waypoint deletion, implant destruction, adrenaline shields, and a few construction bugs.

Source: Patch notes
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