Check out the new trailer for Star Wars Galaxies’ Legends emulator


I’ve been trucking along in one of the dozens of Star Wars Galaxies emulators, Legends, for the better part of the summer thanks to a recommendation from one of our own readers, and conveniently, the player developers behind this incarnation of the emulator released a brand-new trailer last week.

As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, Legends is one of the emulators that is based on the NGE version of the game toward the end of its life, meaning that it’s jam-packed with content, including most of the stuff that folks who played pre-sunset will remember. It doesn’t have atmospheric flight, but it does have most everything else, including all the themeparks, heroic dungeons, beast mastery, reverse engineering, cybernetics, and space.

If I can be perfectly honest, I don’t think the trailer does this version of the game – or its 6000 players – many favors; the launcher comes bundled with graphical options that look much better than this video does, and some of the clips are straight outta the NGE’s terrible class previews. Still, it’s a nice recap of the basics, plus some of the new housing models and features this emu has added so far.

Once again, none of these emulators, be they NGE or pre-CU, is officially sanctioned, but former SOE devs have tacitly supported the SWG emulator community for years, so you can decide for yourself how legitimate they are. Stay tuned; readers have nudged me to write something more in-depth in the future, so I’m working on just that for later this week. In the meantime, here’s that trailer.

Source: Legends Emu
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