Final Fantasy XIV shares some fifth anniversary infographics

Let's put things back together.

After five years of operation there are lots of numbers to know about Final Fantasy XIV. Long-time players already know several numbers, like item level requirements and boss counts for various bits of content. But wouldn’t you like to know how many squats the House Fortemps guards have done? Or how many suns have been lit by speed-running Camp Westwind? The anniversary infographics have you covered.

Obviously, these statistics are all done with tongue firmly in cheek, including an assumption that one could repair the Leaning Tower of Pisa for over 500,000 years or that you could drive all of Route 66 at 70 MPH (the infographics ask you to not attempt this). Still, if you like stuff like the little factoid that more people use the Aethryte at Rhalgr’s Reach than New York City’s Grand Central Station on a daily basis, you should be more than amused by the facts on display. And who wouldn’t be amused by that, other than transit-minded New Yorkers?


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Call me a nerd, but I love these!