Guild Wars 2 details this year’s Halloween festivities in Red Bull interview

It is not rude to rebuff rudeness.

Halloween is coming to the lands of Tyria, and the folks over at Red Bull have sat down with ArenaNet Team Lead Joe Kimmes and Designer Alex Youngblood to take a look at what players can expect from Guild Wars 2’s spooky celebration this year, which will begin on October 16th. There will be a number of features returning from previous years, such as the Mad King’s Labyrinth and the Mad King’s clocktower, as well as a boss battle with the Mad King himself.

This year will also see the return of the MOBA-inspired PvP mode Reaper’s Rumble, which is coming back “for the first time since the first Guild Wars 2 Halloween festival in 2012.” Players will also be able to take part in an all-new activity, called the Mad King’s Raceway. This racetrack, which is built on the same map as Reaper’s Rumble, “showcases the star mount of the current Living Story, the Roller Beetle.” According to Kimmes, “it’s” a fun course, with a number of jumps and corners to show off the Roller Beetle’s high speed and drifting ability. There’s a group race event, plus an Adventure time-trial available between races.” And of course, there’s plenty of Halloween-themed loot up for grabs as well, such as three new weapons “inspired by long-standing horror tropes.” For all the details on this year’s Guild Wars 2 Halloween celebrations, you can check out the full piece over at Red Bull’s site.

Source: Red Bull
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