Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event returns next week

His jokes always slay the audience: Yes, Mad King Thorn returns to Guild Wars 2 this year as the Shadow of the Mad King is launching next week on October 16th. And hey, there’s new stuff to go with the old stuff!

“While ghosts walk alongside mortals, this year’s festival includes:

Reaper’s Rumble: Playable for the first time since the original GW2 Halloween celebration – it’s a fast-paced PvP format where players compete to recover pumpkins and spawn hordes of skeletons to attack the enemy team’s base.
Mad King’s Raceway: New this year, the track was built on the same map as Reaper’s Rumble that showcases the star mount of the current Living Story, the Roller Beetle.
Three new weapons: These took inspiration from real world horror tropes: a syringe that functions as a dagger called The Cure, a lightning rod players can wield as a sword called Soul Conductor, and a butcher knife players can use as an axe called Revenge.

Players who have completed Episode 3 of Season 4 of the living story can delve into the ancient rivalry between Mad King Thorn and Palawa Joko through a new collection achievement.”

A syringe dagger called The Cure? Uggggg. I love/hate it. It’s perfect

The best Guild Wars 2 event of the year (other than Super Adventure Box, of course) will run through November 6th.

Source: Press release, official site
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I dunno, every year I try the labyrinth or whatever Halloween dungeons they have going, and every year I get frustrated and quit after about 15 minutes. On a related note, I have no such trouble with the Four Winds event and actually enjoy that one. Kind of a shame really though, as their Halloween aesthetics are actually quite nice. That said, the Mad King title is one I will never have to worry about getting, and anyway, I thought the Mad King was that Targaryen dude! ;-)


Ok, a newbie question, where this event will be? is it an instance and there is a portal to it? or is it in some zone?

Jim Gust

Once the festival starts Lion’s Arch is updated with spooky goodness and portals to the different Halloween events.

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Star of the…current living story? Don’t they mean the previous episode? >.>


the “story” is the whole season.


Not really the Story Leads states they had to kill him quickly because the true big bad needed more time, he was a secondary bad guy like Caudecus.

blah blazh

current Living Story is the whole season (season 4)