Skyforge launches into open beta in Japan on October 11

Launch or do not, folks.

If there’s one thing Japanese people like, it’s science fantasy action RPGs. (If there are two things, the other one is not having kids.) So we can imagine that Skyforge serving as an uncommon import to region will work out well, as the game is definitely science fantasy. And if that weren’t enough, the game is also giving out a free shiba inu pet to everyone who pre-registers before the open beta on October 11th.

There’s no word from local publisher DMM Games on whether or not the title will include other region-exclusive content, although the Japanese twitter account has teased some region-appropriate armor. There’s also the opening cutscene and teaser trailer down below, both of which should be familiar to the existing audience but are now in Japanese if that makes a major difference in your viewing decisions. Best of luck to the title and to fans when the game moves into open testing.


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