BlizzCon tix holders can download (but not play) WoW Classic’s demo right now

If you look to your left, you will see a sad person.

BlizzCon won’t be here until late next week, but ticket holders can get a jump on the two-day convention by downloading the hotly anticipated World of Warcraft Classic demo right now. Note that we said “download” and not “play” — this is strictly a set-up situation and not some sort of wild head start scenario. You can access the download through the standard Blizzard launcher, provided that you have a ticket tied to your account.

“We’re incredibly excited for you all to get your hands on the WoW Classic BlizzCon demo next week,” Blizzard said, “and to help make things as smooth as possible, we’re making the client available to download for Virtual Ticket holders starting today.” The studio noted that regular ticket holders who have added the virtual code to their account may also engage the download.

WoW fansite Icy Veins has a preview of what to expect when you boot up this virtual time machine. WoW Classic’s demo will run on Patch 1.13 and feature multiple realms to handle the expected influx (and outflux, when everyone gets booted for playing too long).

Source: Icy Veins
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