Darkfall Rise of Agon’s latest patch makes some combat tweaks, fixes bugs


The latest patch for Big Picture Games’s PvP-centric sandbox Darkfall: Rise of Agon was a relatively small one, but it brought with it some “community requested items” as well as combat changes and bug fixes. On the combat front, the Destroyer and Mage Hunter specs are now available. The patch notes point out that they get full effect at 50 encumbrance and 50% effect at 100 encumbrance, with the effect “reduced linearly between the two.” In addition, the ability to buff others has been re-enabled, and the Haste, Rapid Shot, and Ironskin buffs now “have [a] lower magnitude bonus than previously.” And lastly, physical protection provided from metal armors has been lowered, and damage dealt by archery has been “slightly reduced.”

The patch makes a small change to the way villages operate as well: “[Three] villages now go live every 30 minutes, [and] only one village is available on a billboard to port.” Aside from the gameplay tweaks, the patch also implements a fix for a bug that was stopping enchanted gems from working, which previously required a relog to fix, as well as “various description and crafting UI fixes.”

And just in the nick of time, Halloween seasonal drops have been added to the game, though the patch notes don’t specify what, exactly, those drops are. We can only assume they’re super spooky.

Source: Patch Notes

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