Camelot Unchained’s 64-bit client is functional, CSE shows off regional home islands


What were the Camelot Unchained devs up to last week? Continuing work on rubble, the ability system, readied weapons, the particle system, armor mapping, the crafting UI and the animation system. This list looks a bit like last week’s list, and if that sounds boring to you, stay in whatever job you have and don’t become a game dev, and I am right there with you.

There are some pretties in the weekly letter, however, including pics from the scenario UI, casting animations, the docks of √Čriu, a tower bridge and docks in Midgard, and some courtyards in the Briton home island. Notably, the devs also say they’ve just gotten the 64-client working. It’s happening!

Oh, and if you usually skip the end-of-the-week wrap-up videos because you don’t recognize the devs? This week stars Mark Jacobs himself for the Q&A; he reiterates that the team is working on several big implementations that need to be completed and rolled into the build before weekend tests with players resume.

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