TERA’s Fiery Featherweights patch is live with Elin Brawlers, Bahaar’s Sanctum, and the EP system

[AL:TERA]En Masse has gone live today with Fiery Featherweights, TERA’s latest PC content update. Most notably, it boasts the playable Elin Brawler, a new level 65 5-man dungeon stuffed full of lava effects, and the new enhancement points system, which allows players to earn points through beating up BAMs and completing vanguard requests and then to spend them on account-wide perks and unlocks.

“The free content update adds elin to the lineup of races that can be brawlers, led by Lady Tanly the first elin to don the brawlers’ mighty powerfists. The update also introduces the Enhancement Point system for additional progression for max level characters and the new Bahaar’s Sanctum five player dungeon. To celebrate the launch, En Masse is kicking off a brawler leveling event and the revamped BuddyUp! system to help new brawlers and returning players reach level 65 and prepare for the challenges that await them.”

If you’re thinking of rolling up a Brawler, hop to it: There’s an event running that’ll grant you goodies if you make it to level 65 by December 11th. And maybe bring a friend: “The TERA team has also updated the BuddyUp! system to grant improved rewards for both mentors and those who use their BuddyUp! codes. Anyone with a new account and those returning to the game after 30 days are eligible for the codes, so grab a friend and jump back in!”

Meanwhile, over on console, Velik’s Hold hard mode has rolled out for players who prefer to game while comfy on their couch.

Source: Press release, official site
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