FFXIV Fan Festival 2018: The next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is Shadowbringers


The third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV has been revealed as Shadowbringers during the keynote at this year’s Fan Festival. It’s coming out early summer 2019. Your theories were right! Or wrong, if you selected something like Final Fantasy XIV: That’s Our Zenos Sitcom Edition for your personal theories. That was always silly.

We’ll have more information about the expansion following our writeup of the keynote speech. These things do take a little time. Stay tuned for more of our coverage over the weekend!

Massively Overpowered is on the ground in Las Vegas for Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2018, bringing you expert coverage on your favorite Square-Enix MMORPG!
Disclosure: In accordance with Massively OP’s ethics policy, we must disclose that Square paid for our writer’s travel to and accommodation at this event. Square has neither requested nor been granted any control or influence over our coverage of the event.



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Patrick Dougherty

I’m curious as to the heavy references to Amdapor in the trailer. Amdapor was a nation of white mages, perhaps it has something to do with the forthcoming flood of light.

Mike Pieniaszek

normally id be hyped for this as well… but after what square did to there pc purchasers of final fantasy 15 this week… i dont now if i want to support them anymore…. and ive been supporting them sinse the ps1 era…

for those who dont know about what happened with final fantasy 15…. they promised us pc players another 3 dlc packs to complete the story of the game… as well as new features such as modding support and rtx support for the new nvidia cards…

but just a few days ago the head guy on the team quit…. so instead of finding a replacement and finishing what was promised, they have now decided to discontinue support for the pc version of ff15

Danny Smith

“What, dont you guys have pho” wait wrong company. This one cares about its customers.


Wrong company? You sure? Lol there is a huge steaming pile of SE mobile garbage out there with FFs name all over it but blizz announces one title and they’re the trash company…


Few people are saying having Mobile Games = Trash company. But there is a significant difference between how customers are treated between “You don’t have phones? / You think you do but you don’t” Actiblizz, which was largely shown at Blizzcon versus how the fan community of FFXIV was treated at their respective opening key note ceremony.

Actiblizz was just concerned with their ego and investors when they decided to make a mobile game the headliner last act, with some sources saying that they knew people would be upset but that D:I deserved to stand on its own. To a group of people who spent thousands to attend there, and are hardcore PC and even console fans.

Case and point, Elder Scrolls had a phone announcement and immediately followed it with a teaser for Elder Scrolls VI. Nobody boo’d them.

Another point is Blizzard’s Hubris; their inability to say they’re wrong or apologize. Always bunkering and doubling down on things. Two identical situations — loot changes in WoW and in FFXIV, for example. Massive bad response regarding FFXIV’s loot change in a patch… which was reverted a week or so after with the devs saying they were wrong and apologizing. Another with the Producer Director falling to his knees and bowing to apologize for issues on stage during their fan festival.

Yet another point is the fan’s reaction at the end of their respected keynotes. Silence and crickets from Blizzard. Cheers and screams, “YOSHI-P! YOSHI-P! YOSHI-P!” Followed by him saying that the devs deserve the credit — and the crowd actually then yelling “DEV TEAM! DEV TEAM! DEV TEAM!” Imagine how it would have been if Reforged was their main focus and ending note. Or if they just had a slide of DIV or a simply made teaser for it. But no, Immortal had to have the spot light to a starved fan base whereby they have been teasing new things since January, and even stated, “It’s a great time to be a diablo fan right now” months before Blizzcon and to sell tickets.

Tickets, which I might add, they increased the price off after making a big deal about Diablo. Whereas Squeenix made the stream entirely free — and yes, in the past, they did sell it. They just wanted the fanbase to be able to watch everything if they wanted.

What else did Squeenix do for the fans? Well, as opposed to saying “It’s too expensive to take our event to other countries”, they have three festivals all around the world for each FFXIV expansion announcement. U.S.A, Europe and Japan. And these are not small things — you can see just how big the crowd is in the keynote address. And the hallways and other areas are filled with activities, Eorzea Cafes and the like. Not fill a good portion of the Anaheim center big, but vast amounts of computers to play with as well — and the cost of moving all that equipment around the world as opposed to a few miles with Blizzcon has to be astronomical. They also made deals with hotels that people with tickets will get discounts.

We’re also talking about a company that put a real money auction house in D3 at the start of it — and made sure the actually experience of the game was shit so that you’d feel inclined to either sell or buy. Who flat out said their audience is children for D:I and that’s why it’s no longer rated M for mature. As if parents want their 9 year olds playing satanic games with micro transactions and likely similar gambling tactics.

So yeah, both are companies; both want to get your money. But one spits in your face, tells you to bend over and give it your bank account while the other buys you dinner, calls you beautiful and then reaches for your wallet.

At the very least, that’s the recent public perception — and perception is a big portion of all of this. Also, Square Enix said almost five years ago (when the phone market had so much potential) that they were remaking FFXI for it. They’re likely about done by now as it was listed as a potential release for 2018 / early 2019 during the summer. Yet they didn’t screw over the fans that paid to go to their Final Fantasy Festival just to see a mobile game be the key feature. They didn’t even mention it as they knew their audience, why they came there and saw them as fans — profusely thanking them and apologizing for anything that seemed like an issue over the past year. They didn’t just see wallets — or at least few there felt like that’s how they were seen as.

This is night and day stuff we’re talking about now.

To quote the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, “The moment we focus on ourselves over our customers will spell the beginning of the end for our company”… This is a quote from memory, but he talked about how Amazon isn’t invincible even though it’s now a trillion dollar company.


Yup. What a difference a gaming company makes, no? Blizz won’t take note, neither will NCsoft. But me, I’m seeing more spending going to SE this coming year.


Lol, the Viera tease, and now the Blue Mage tease at the last moment…


“This is not the job for 5.0”

Dang they know how to play up the crowd. Blizzard needs to take notes.


It was a great keynote, and it’s amazing they’re adding BLU as a patch addition. Not sure what to make of the “Limited” aspect of the class, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. And I agree, the response from the crowd during the keynote as compared to some of Blizzcon was night and day.


Yeah the Limited aspect sounded a bit odd but I guess I can kind of see where they’re coming from. BLU will be really hard to balance if they’re going to actually make it revolve around collecting monster abilities, and they’ll likely want to have the level 50 cap (and other caps) serve as steady tests to ensure it isn’t too crazy.

Also it means duty queues won’t be plagued with a bunch of folks playing the new thing who have no idea how to actually play it. Stifling its power growth potentially means that by the time it’s able to run alongside others at endgame (presumably in a mid-Shadowbringers patch?) folks will have had plenty of time to play around with it and figure out if it’s for them or not.