Valve’s Artifact is live to ‘reimagine’ the online TCG genre

laugh, then laugh again

Trading card game fans know the name Richard Garfield well. The man created the legendary Magic: The Gathering back in the early 1990s, but he hasn’t stopped making games since. His latest effort, Artifact, is now online for those looking for a new online multiplayer experience.

Created in cooperation with Valve and set in the Dota 2 world, Artifact “reimagines” the genre to make, quote, “an immersive and visually stunning trading card game unlike any other.”┬áThe debut of the game this week also ushers in the 280-card Call to Arms set.

It certainly looks very slick with high production values but also somewhat complicated as well – and it’s not been without its serious issues along the way. Take a look at the trailer after the break — and maybe even read the official comic while you’re at it.

Source: Steam. Thanks Tim!
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